Christine Marguerite LMT, RYT, MA ~ Breathing Ground Bodywork

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Christine Marguerite LMT, RYT, MA ~ Breathing Ground Bodywork


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 /  /                            405 - 4th St, Unit 6, C B

Meditation and yoga, private and class instruction.

(please also see my offerings under Massage and Energywork)


Offerings: Burning enthusiasm. Aka tapas.  Whether we are sweatin’ out the impurities, or chillin’ the F out, embracing practice is where it’s at. I love helping people feel more embodied and expansive in their embodiment. I have taught the full gamut of yoga class from restorative yoga (one of my favorite practices), to vigorous vinyasa, to meditation retreats. Oh ya, and I swear a lot… J lovelovelovelovelovelove in all its forms is the root of what we do on the matt.

My current offerings include:

Body Prayer Vinyasa: a graceful, deep vinyasa flow designed to enliven your mind/heart, body, soul, spirit, and whatever else you have, in a ritual of movement, sweat, intention, breath and love. The underlying theme is self-appreciation and activation of the eros/agape cycle of connection with Source.

Restorative Yoga : a long, slow, langourous practice combining restorative, yin, and somatic practices. A good class to practice intention setting (sankalpa). This is the effortless letting-go side of practice, using lots of props – deeply restorative for the nervous system. CTFO.

Nightynight Yoga for Insomniacs: the melt and float class. A gentle practice with lots of deep breathing, gentle stretching and tension release.  Take the sleeping meds AFTER class so I don’t have to peel you off the floor ..thank you.

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